TIE-U, spring 2012: Kolstad’s Economics of Health Care and Policy

This is the introductory post for the second TIE-U offering (first one here). This semester I will be doing my best to keep up with some of Jonathan Kolstad’s Wharton School course The Economics of Health Care and Policy (Penn’s HCMG 903-001). I’ll be reading and blogging on some of the papers assigned by Kolstad.

As with all TIE-U courses, this is intended to be a service not just to the professor and his students but to all TIE readers. So, join in, follow along, ask questions, and continue your education.


  • All TIE-U posts will have the “TIE-U tag”.
  • Other tags will note the professor (Kolstad, in this case), institution (Penn), course (HCMG 903-001), and semester (Spring 2012).
  • At the end of this post I will include an index to all posts relevant to this course. It will grow over time.
  • At some point, I’ll make a TIE-U page that will link to all TIE-U courses (premature to do so now).

The first lecture of Kolstad’s class has just concluded. I have not had time to write a new post for it. One of the readings assigned was Ken Arrow’s classic 1963 “Uncertainty and the Welfare Economics of Medical Care”. I’ve referenced or blogged about some content from this paper several times, as have others. So, in lieu of a new post, if interested, you might check these out:

Post Index for Penn’s HCMG 9003-001 (Kolstad)

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