Reflex: September 20, 2011

President Obama released his debt-cutting proposal that includes $320 billion in cuts to health programs. Austin’s comment: It’s not hard to find summaries of the president’s plan. Read Phil Galewitz (KHN), for example. Here at TIE you’ll find commentary by me, Aaron, Don, and Kevin (twice). 

Another link between diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease, reports Robert Bazell. Last week there was a story noting the potential of insulin to slow cognitive decline in the disease. Don’s comment: the search for better understanding of the disease and a cure are important, but we also need to develop appropriate systems to provide long term care to persons with AD.

The duration of a well-child visits is associated with content, family-centeredness and satisfaction, says a manuscript in Pediatrics. One-third of parents said they spent less than ten minutes with a doctor at their child’s last visit, and another half said the time was only 11 to 20 minutes. Aaron’s Comment: This is another area in which we could make things better in the US.

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