Good news for VT single payer in Obama’s proposal

From p. 43 of the President’s proposal:

Accelerate the issuance of State Innovation Waivers. This proposal empowers States to develop their own innovative strategies to ensure their residents have access to high quality, affordable health insurance achieving the same outcomes as the ACA. Similar to legislation previously introduced by Senators Ron Wyden, Scott Brown, and Mary Landrieu and endorsed by the President, it would make “State Innovation Waivers” available starting in 2014, three years earlier than under current law. These State strategies would need to provide affordable insurance coverage to at least as many residents as without the waiver and must not increase the Federal deficit. The Administration is committed to the budget neutrality of these waivers; an allowance for these waivers is included to account for the possibility that CBO will estimate costs for this proposal.

This allows VT to get moving a bit faster on including the exchange, Medicaid expansion, and Medicare in Green Mountain Care. Some prior TIE coverage here.

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