Google Chrome + Docs

When Firefox refused to function on my computers I switched to Chrome. I’m happy with the switch. However, in making it, I lost and still miss easy access to my Google Bookmarks from any computer. Sure, you can sync your bookmarks across computers with Chrome. That dumps a copy of your bookmarks to the synced machines. But that only works well for computers you use, and only you use, regularly. (It would be far better if unsyncing, or logging out, deleted all those bookmarks, but it doesn’t–or not in my testing anyway.)

So, I sync to three machines. What do I do when I’m on another machine that isn’t mine? This happens more than you might expect, including today.

I happened to notice that Google also dumps Chrome bookmarks into Google Docs. That’s handy. I can log into my Google account, surf over to Docs and get at my bookmarks. But it’s not that handy because I really want my bookmarks right there in my nav bar, not a few clicks away. So, it is better than nothing yet not as good as it could be.

Google should improve its handling of bookmarks in Chrome. Before you suggest using the Google toolbar with Chrome, don’t bother. It doesn’t work. Insane! I know!!

As a lover of Google products I hate to say this but I will: Some things Google is doing or not doing to its products reminds me of Microsoft.

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