Bye-bye Firefox

After multiple attempts Firefox failed to upgrade to a functioning version of 3.6.4 on two of my computers. That’s all I need to jump ship. I’ve moved to Google Chrome. I’ve always wanted to use Chrome for its speed, but the fact that it didn’t work with the Google Toolbar (amazing, but true) was a big obstacle. However, I’ve learned that it allows enough customization to make that less of an issue than I thought. For instance, it has a sync feature that allows me to synchronize my settings and bookmarked pages so changes on any computer are seen everywhere. Nice!

So far my only major gripe is that stored passwords are not themselves protected by a master password. That’s horrible. It means that if I were to, say, lose my laptop all my accounts would be accessible. For that reason I’m not going to store any passwords on my laptop. Maybe there’s an add-on that provides password vault protection, but I’ve looked and haven’t found it yet.

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