• Crazy for Chrome

    This post originally appeared on The Finance Buff.

    Lately I’ve been suffering all sorts of inexplicable and bewildering application errors on my home PC. I may have squashed some with a virus scan. Svchost.exe application errors continue when I launch Internet Explorer. I had noticed IE has been slow as molasses lately, even after a 2G RAM upgrade.

    So, tonight, I downloaded Google Chrome. Wow! What a difference. The thing is blazing fast. Of course Google beats Microsoft. I don’t know what took me so long to dump IE. I’m glad I did. Too bad I’m stuck with IE at work.

    So far the only thing I don’t like is that Chrome doesn’t support Google Toolbar. Does that make any sense? Google Toolbar is great. I use the spell checking feature all the time. I miss it in Chrome. What do do?

    Now, about my application errors: I am in need of a wee bit of tech support, for those and a few other issues. They’re all minor for IT-minded folks. I hate IT stuff and would rather barter for some help. If anyone out there is willing to advise me remotely, send me a message (be sure to select “TIE” in the drop down menu). I’m not a total IT moron so it isn’t heavy lifting. What can I do for you in return? We can talk about it. I have some ideas.

    • @TIE – Chrome had its days of splash when it first came out. Then it died down. I think the consensus is that it didn’t beat Firefox. During the month of May, 31% of the visitors to this site used Firefox. Only 3% used Chrome. That tells you something. Not everything Google makes becomes successful.

    • Google Chrome installs without the need for administrator permission (placing itself in your user profile on Windows), so you may not be stuck with IE at work if you’re willing and able to attempt an install there.

    • @TFB – I’m going to give Chrome a try for a while. If I can get some features of Google Toolbar in it then I will be quite satisfied. Perhaps some experienced Chrome users who read this will point me in the right direction. Then, I may try Firefox. If I do I will report back on my experience.

      @Michael – Admin permission is only one barrier. The other is site blocking. My employer does not permit me to visit the Google Chrome website. Could I download it at home and bring it to work to install it? Maybe. But I’m not going to blatantly violate the spirit of what my employer feels is in its best interest. As much as I hate the limitations my employer places on my web usage, I respect that I am using its equipment, space, and so forth. IE at work it is and shall forever be it seems.

      On the plus side, I do get to use the Google Toolbar, with which I just spell checked this comment. I also like that I can save my bookmarks in one place for use everywhere (with IE/Toolbar that is). (Delicious is another way but I like the Toolbar integration better.)

    • I think if you use Chrome for a while you will find you don’t really need the Google Toolbar anymore as the features are built into Chrome. The address bar replace the Google search. Google calls it an omni-bar, whatever that is supposed to mean, but it does work. Try typing something into the address bar and I think you will see indexed search options start to come up, just like the old toolbar.

    • @Wray Rives – The search box is one of the least important parts of Google Toolbar to me. What about the spell checker (very handy for checking web text entry boxes like the one in which I’m typing now)? What about the portable bookmarks? What about the “send to mail” button? The Toolbar has so many useful features. I cannot understand why they would not be available in Chrome. I almost can’t believe they are not. If they are, it isn’t obvious where. if there is a Chrome-specific download, it isn’t mentioned in an obvious way on the Google Toolbar page.

      OK, I just did a bit more searching the Technologizer blog has a post that discusses the lack of a Toolbar for Chrome and how to work around it. I’ll see what I can do. Or, I may try Firefox (that’s more likely). This looks like a rare dumb move by Google. Had they built in their useful features they might have gained more market share. Isn’t this obvious?

    • It boggles my mind how people still use IE.

      Firefox is a very good browser and has so many useful plugins. Chrome is very simple and does not hog resources. Firefox uses a ton of RAM which causes other apps to run a little slower for me while the browser’s open (like games).

      Thanks for sharing this, I’m able to type this on Chrome while at work! This is awesome!

    • @TFB – just because something is more popular does not necessarily mean that it is better. Just look at the number of PC’s running a MS OS vs. Linux or Apple. Even Microsoft admits windows is riddled with problems (Hello hotfixes every month!) I have used Firefox and still use IE at work (user installations forbidden by IT gestapo) but really like Chrome at home.

    • @SanDance – I agree. We all know Windows has a near monopoly. But I would say the competition between Firefox and Chrome is fair. Neither is preinstalled. Both are free. People choose them and switch between them freely.

    • I have used nothing but Chrome since the day it first came out. Still, I am amazed that the Google Toolbar which I LOVE is not available for this browser. How stupid is that?