Crazy for Chrome

This post originally appeared on The Finance Buff.

Lately I’ve been suffering all sorts of inexplicable and bewildering application errors on my home PC. I may have squashed some with a virus scan. Svchost.exe application errors continue when I launch Internet Explorer. I had noticed IE has been slow as molasses lately, even after a 2G RAM upgrade.

So, tonight, I downloaded Google Chrome. Wow! What a difference. The thing is blazing fast. Of course Google beats Microsoft. I don’t know what took me so long to dump IE. I’m glad I did. Too bad I’m stuck with IE at work.

So far the only thing I don’t like is that Chrome doesn’t support Google Toolbar. Does that make any sense? Google Toolbar is great. I use the spell checking feature all the time. I miss it in Chrome. What do do?

Now, about my application errors: I am in need of a wee bit of tech support, for those and a few other issues. They’re all minor for IT-minded folks. I hate IT stuff and would rather barter for some help. If anyone out there is willing to advise me remotely, send me a message (be sure to select “TIE” in the drop down menu). I’m not a total IT moron so it isn’t heavy lifting. What can I do for you in return? We can talk about it. I have some ideas.

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