I am human and I make mistakes

I was tempted to ask British Einstein to give you the following announcement, but I decided it’s mine to make.

I screwed the pooch today.  I got the overall rankings for Utilization totally backwards in the scorecard for today’s Quality Series post.  That means I screwed up the running totals scorecard as well.  I did it.  It was me.

I am only human.  I am also totally sleep deprived, having just gotten back into town after traveling with my wife and three children.  I also have a full time job.

None of these are excuses; I offer them as explanations.  I make a lot of charts for this site, and once in a while I am going to make a mistake.  I did today.  This offers an excellent opportunity for me to show you that I mean what I say: this is not a partisan blog, nor one with a hidden bias.  I wasn’t trying to make the US health care system look good today any more than I am trying to make it look bad on another.  I am trying to present data to you as they are.  My incorrect assessment showed the US as pretty good in terms of utilization; it turns out the opposite is correct.

I’m happy to say that I provided you guys with enough underlying data and information that you were able to spot my error.  I’m happy to say that I fixed the mistake as soon as it was pointed out to me.  I’m happy to say that I take responsibility for it.

What would be worse is if I had asked you to take my word for it, or spoken with authority I did not deserve, and left you no way to know.  That’s not what we do here.  I strive to tell you not only what I think, but why I think it.  That is so that you can spot the flaws in my thinking, if they exist, and help me – and everyone else – to change our minds.

So thank you to the readers and commenters who keep us honest.  This blog is the better for them.

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