When you deny a kid a heart transplant, you better have a good reason why – ctd.

This is a follow-up to my post on Monday. It appears the hospital has reversed course:

According to Stokes’ family, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston reversed course this afternoon and has agreed to add the 15-year-old to its donor list. The decision comes days after the hospital officials sent the family a letter saying Anthony would not be a good candidate for transplant because he had a “history of non-compliance.”

“We met with hospital officials about 30 minutes ago,” family spokesman Mark Bell said this afternoon. “After reviewing the situation, they said Anthony would be placed on the list for a heart transplant and that he would be first in line, due to his weakened heart condition.”

Bell said hospital officials did not offer a reason as to why they changed their minds.

Actually, I wish they would offer that reason. I believe there are legitimate reasons to refuse a transplant, and if they had one, they shouldn’t be afraid to say it out loud, in public. If they are afraid to say it, then they probably shouldn’t deny the transplant on the basis of that reason. They did say this:

A spokeswoman at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston, where Stokes is receiving treatment, would not comment today on the specifics of his case, citing patient privacy rules, but said there was some “misinformation” circulating.

I, for one, would be happy to clarify any such “misinformation”. We’ll see if they get more specific.


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