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    •  RWJF/IOM: Strategies to prevent childhood obesity
    • RWJF: Pioneer program CFP “Applying Behavioral Economics to Perplexing Health Care Problems”. Proposals due Nov 2

    Today in TIE: Austin on the math problem of high deductible plans, and Don on the Patients’ Choice Act needs to meet the CBO.

    • I can’t help but think that allowing insurers to price the risk for obese and reward the fit with lower premiums would be an interesting behavioral approach to using behavior economics to combat obesity – but I don’t expect that’s what the RWJF has in mind.

      It’s interesting that the life insurance companies can and do charge higher premiums for the obese with little or not populist backlash, but woe to any health insurer who proposes to do the same.

    • http://www.rwjf.org/pr/product.jsp?id=47908&cid=xtw_rwjf

      Researchers found that living closer to fast food restaurants led to more fast food consumption – particularly among low-income men. But the availability of supermarkets and grocery stores generally was unrelated to diet quality and fruit and vegetable intake.

      My above link is is in keeping with my own observation that the lack of supermarkets and grocery stores is generally a North Eastern and California big city problem and that there seems to be more obesity in the south and smaller cities.