Happy 100th: A Retrospective

I recently surpassed my 100th post. I’ve blogged about 50,000 words. Have you read them all? If not, you might have missed some of the following. They’re twelve of my favorite posts out of the first 100 or so, in chronological order.

  1. Medical Billing Errors (3/17/09). My first post. It describes the frequency of errors in medical bills and how to avoid them and includes the story of the largest error I ever found.
  2. Reading Krugman (3/31/09). I’m proud of this post because it was cited by a Nobel Prize winning economist as “interesting,” driving about 10,000 readers to The Finance Buff, where it originally posted. It is about economists’—and Krugman’s—reaction to Treasury Secretary Geithner’s bank rescue plan.
  3. The US Healthcare Rip-Off (4/13/09). This is a review of the literature that explores the reasons why U.S. health care costs are much higher than those of other OECD countries. Clearly this is still a relevant topic.
  4. Health Insurance in Retirement, Part I: How Much Health Care Will You Use? (5/12/09). This is the first of a two-post series on selecting health insurance in retirement. This is a very challenging topic and this series is a good place for near-retirees to begin to think through the issues.
  5. An Illustrative Welfare Analysis of Google Reader (5/19/09). This post offers (I believe) an easy way to grasp the concepts of neo-classical economic welfare analysis. Plus it advertises one of my favorite free products: Google Reader.
  6. Sweet Frugality: Lessons in a Cup of Tea (5/28/09). Several readers thought this was an amusing story about my realization of just how much sugar I consume.
  7. Pre-Theater Dinner Auctions (6/4/09). What happens when an economist has nothing to do while waiting for a restaurant table? This post has the answer.
  8. Two-Sided Markets, Part I: Gender-Based Price Discrimination at the Nightclub (6/16/09). This post explains the economics of gender-based price discrimination at nightclubs (i.e. the situation in which women pay less than men for entry). In doing so it explores the basics of two-sided market theory.
  9. My Adventure on Bling St. (7/8/09). Escapades in selling a large diamond. It is quite amazing what happened.
  10. Investment Planning: The Series (7/14/09). The first post in a long series on investment planning that describes the process from end-to-end. I think this series should be helpful to anyone beginning to think about investing.
  11. Umbrella Problems (7/15/09). I’m still pondering a question posed to me during a graduate school oral exam about an absent-minded professor and her umbrellas.
  12. The Game (Theory) within the Game (8/24/09). I thought this post was about as much fun as one can have with game theory in a short blog post. (Actually, I’m fond of my prior game theory posts too.)

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