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I see that readers of The Incidental Economist didn’t resolve the debt ceiling debate while I was on vacation, as I had requested. I returned Friday night and, as is being reported this morning, a deal is coming together. The key here is not to confuse correlation with causation or the absurd with the possible. For all that, I’d rather still be here:

What made last week such a good one to be away was (1) the news was depressing as hell for policy bloggers who were not vacationing and, therefore, with some sense of obligation to comment on it (as noted by Don Taylor and Aaron Carroll), (2) there was really only one story to follow, and (3) the fundamentals of that story hardly changed, certainly not in policy terms.

I could say more, but I won’t. Not now. Pretty much every major policy wonk in the blogosphere is doing a fine job of covering the debt ceiling story. Later I may write about implications for the health care system.

Unrelated: Here’s a nice building.

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