Stunned into silence – seconded

What Don said.

We’re a couple states apart, but completely on the same page. I’m usually happy to wax eloquent on how we might reduce health care spending, increase access, or improve quality. But I can’t do it right now. I don’t understand how, when you have already voted for a budget with a deficit, you can then turn around and not vote to raise the debt ceiling it requires. Heck, even Rep. Ryan’s budget required a raise in the debt ceiling. So how can anyone who voted for that bill now refuse to raise the debt ceiling, as it required?

I have no problem with a debate on the budget, on spending, and on taxes. You have that debate when it’s time to pass the budget. You don’t pass the budget and then refuse to borrow what it requires. That makes no sense.

Should we default, the increase on interest rates might cause us to spend more than half a trillion dollars in extra interest payments alone over the next decade. That’s more than half the cost of the PPACA.  That’s money we didn’t need to lose, it’s a waste, and it’s entirely the fault of politicians.

Please excuse me for not feeling up to talking about how to save money in the health care system, when some in Washington can so casually risk so much.

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