Stunned into Silenece

Austin is on holiday (he picked a good week to drop out!) and I think Aaron and I are mostly just stunned into silence about the debt ceiling/limit issue. This blog has written lots about the need to control health spending, the need for a sustainable budget and the like. What is happening in Washington now are our nation’s ‘leaders’ are messing around in a way that may result in a self inflicted wound to our economy that is totally unnecessary. Congress is having trouble passing a bill that says we can spend the money that they already said we were going to spend.

Some day we could have a debt crisis (when investors aren’t willing to lend us money cheaply), but what is happening now is first and foremost an invented political crisis.

Most blogging and twitter traffic on the subject amounts to: you suck; no you suck more (repeat). We will sit that out. Wake us when it is over.

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