Going off-grid*

For about one week each year I shut it down: no computers, no hard-wire or WiFi internet, no TV, no work, and hardly any attention paid to the news media. This year, that week begins tomorrow. It’s not exactly “off-grid,” (hence the “*” in the title) but it is as close as I get. I’m not turning off my 3G-enabled cell phone, but it isn’t all that much use. Where I’ll be the cell signal is weak, the hiking fantastic.

Except for something fun on Saturday, I’ve got no posts queued up. There will be no “Reading list” post this Friday or the subsequent one. Those following me on Twitter know that this week I’ve been tweeting the papers I might have put on a “Reading list” post. Related: I urge all health policy relevant journals to take a week off too.

Now for the really bad news: I am deeply and truly sorry for not having resolved the debt ceiling issue before my departure. By the time I return, it will be too late for me to do much about it. For the good of the country, please look after this matter for me and agree among yourselves how to bring it to a sensible conclusion. No pressure.

So, I’ll be out of the TIE kitchen for a spell. If you’re hungry for some TIE, I trust that my talented co-bloggers will whip you up a mess of health research and policy wonk. Consume all you want. They’ll make more.

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