You’re about to lose Google Reader. Now what?

In two weeks Google Reader will shut down. If that’s how you read this blog, you’ll have to find a new way. My suggestion: sign up for the daily email digest. That way, you’ll keep getting TIE posts (bundled in one email, once per day, around 7AM) even as you shop around for a new reader.

As for your new reader, I have recommended and still recommend NewsBlur. There are other options,* but I have not tested them as extensively as NewsBlur, with which I am totally satisfied. I’ve been using it on the web and on Android and iOS devices exclusively for a couple of months. It’s worth the fee, though you can get a trial version for free, despite the appearance that you can’t on the site (or so I’m told).

You’ll want to transfer your feeds from Google Reader. Do so with Google Takeout.

* To find other options, do a web search on “Google Reader replacements” or similar.


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