• With what course should I blog with this fall?

    During the last academic year I partnered with two university professors to blog alongside their classes. I called it “TIE-U” (for university). Last fall it was Jon Oberlander. Last spring it was Jon Kolstad. (Follow the links for all posts related to each of their classes.)

    What should I blog along with this fall? I do not require the professor to be named “Jon.” It could be anything that pertains to health policy (e.g., health economics, health services research, etc.). If you’re a professor interested in partnering, get in touch with me. If you’re a reader who knows of a great course, let me know about it, and I’ll try to track it down.

    My preference would be a course that may not exist. Its title would (or could) be something like “Medical Science for Social Scientists.” It’d cover basic concepts and studies in medicine. A good text would be 50 Studies Every Doctor Should Know: The Key Studies that Form the Foundation of Evidence Based Medicine, which I am reading. Anyone know of any course like this? (And why isn’t such a course required for all social scientists in health-related fields?)

    But, even if such a course doesn’t exist, I’ll blog along with something. But what? Your suggestions please.


    • Richard Frank teaches an undergrad health policy course at Harvard int the fall, though I have not seen the syllabus. A master’s course that looks similar is taught by Sheila Burke and David Stevenson at the Kennedy School. Syllabus here: http://www.hks.harvard.edu/syllabus/SUP-500.pdf
      I expect those courses to be policy focused rather than economics focused.

      For the spring, I’d definitely recommend Joe Newhouse’s Kennedy School course, which is incredibly comprehensive. The syllabus is enormous (>100 pages). The course is econ focused but draws on a wide range of literature.