Whose fault is that, Mr. Brokaw?

I was going to take the day off from blogging, but I can’t let this one go:

On Morning Joe just now, Tom Brokaw was complaining that Americans don’t know what’s in the healthcare reform bill. Scarborough laughing the background. As if this is the fault of the Democrats and the president.

Are you kidding me?  Look, I’ll take my share of the blame as a policy guy who talks on the radio or TV about health care reform.  Maybe I could have done a better job of getting the specifics across.  But, I’ve been trying.  If the media thinks the same of themselves, they’ve been smoking something.

From the beginning, it’s been silly drama and politics. The August madness. Town halls. Death panels. Government run amok. Rationing. The end of Medicare. Abortion. Malpractice.

Anything but substantive policy discussions.

I’m sorry, but when history eventuallly gets around to deciding who hurt America most during this “debate”, I’m not positive it won’t be the media who looks the most to blame.

Maybe not, but I sure wouldn’t be laughing about it.

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