• Travelling abroad

    I thought I’d let you know that my posting will likely be light this week. I’ll be travelling to Spain to give a number of talks at the Excellence in Paediatrics meeting in Madrid beginning on Wednesday. Before that, my wife convinced me to spend two days in Barcelona with her. Depending on how things go, I may pop in once or twice, but if not I’m sure the other TIE bloggers will keep you entertained.

    If you happen to be going to the meeting, tweet me at @aaronecarroll and let me know! In fact, follow me in general to get updates on how things are going or what I’m doing there. As time goes on, I find I’m depending more and more on Twitter to communicate with all of you.


    • Traveling abroad is one of the BEST things Americans can do. I highly recommend Mark Twain’s “Climbing the Rigi” as an exemple of the benefits. It so happens that we (expatriates) see Rigi (a modest mountain at the north edge of the Alps) our our window every day.

    • Hah! One of the other Davids here is a fellow expat! I’m on the life at hard labor plan in Japan, which gives me much ammunition for pot shots at the US medical system. Here in Tokyo, we have Mt. Takeo, which is far more modest at a mere 599 meters tall, and far enough away that I haven’t gotten around to climbing it yet. (Japan does have 20 or so mountains over 3,000 meters, though. Back in my youth, I climbed quite a few that were over 2,000 meters, but that was a loooong time ago (1979).)

      Best of luck with jet lag, the only bad part of being an expat.