• Referendum on Obamacare?

    Romney would have won the election if he had carried the 28 plaintiff states against Obamacare.

    In ten of those states, the Governor or AG sued to block Obamacare, but their state citizens voted for Obama in 2012: Florida (the lead plaintiff), Maine, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Washington, Colorado and Nevada; Virginia filed a separate suit on its own (not reflected in this map):


    Is this a mandate?


    • Maine’s state legislature became majority Democrat, probably strongly influenced by experience with the tea party governor, LePage. LePage’s secretary of the treasury ran for the US senate and was soundly defeated. The democrats got a big enough majority that they can turf Summers from his post in treasury.

      It’s not clear if Maine is going to continue to waste taxpayer money to prevent people from getting access to health insurance (ie continue with the lawsuit). I certainly hope not. I viewed the election as a clear statement about LePage’s agenda and I suspect many of the Democrats do, too.

    • Yes. That’s a map of electoral wins. Right? The word is that Romney took 47% of the popular vote. So is 53% a mandate? Considering politicos were counting chads, scrounging for every vote a few years ago, I’m calling the Obama win as close to a mandate that a modern president can get.