• Pants update

    About my weight loss ambition, a reader writes me,

    I am sooo curious if your public announcement to fit into your pants was associated with success.

    Yes, I do fit in my pants. I lost about 8 pounds, meeting my goal. The next goal is to keep it off … forever. What could possibly go wrong?


    • Congratulations!

    • In celebration of my 60th birthday, I decided to train for a 5-mile running race. I had never run before. I now find that NONE of my pants fit me, they are all too loose. So I wish you the best.

    • I dropped 39 pounds and 4 inches off my waist since May with the aid of a web site that lets me log my food intake and my activities which helps me to do as my doc suggested by eating less and moving more. I have farther to get to get into a normal range but at least my BMI has dropped out of the obese range and into the lower end of the merely overweight category.

    • What could possible happen? Thanksgiving, Christmas Parties, Christmas, and New Years, BCS Bowl Games, then the Super Bowl! That’s what can happen. Vigilance calories they are everywhere…