• Toilet paper physics

    Do you agree?

    • Disagree because of the children and cat factor version B is more prone to the entire roll being unspun onto the floor.

    • I agree with the kids comment. In addition in public restrooms that use the double, stacked TP dispensers B allows one to extract paper easily even when the back-up roll is pressing down on the first roll.

    • Years ago, I read a new story in which toilet paper executives from one of the major manufacturers were quoted as saying that toilet paper rolls were specifically designed so that the “over” version is correct. I won’t try to do the physics, but the “over” version works better to use the inertia of the roll since the pull can be closer to the roll and at a better angle (i.e., can be done with very little or no vertical as opposed to horizontal force). This is not an “essential” lesson but simply one of those short cuts, like which way to peel a banana, that make for trivial improvements in convenience.