Things get better, on the whole

My good friends (and co-bloggers) know that there are times I get a little down on the whole US policy thing. I watch the politics, the in-fighting, and – well – the lying, and I start to despair that things are going to get worse before they get better.

I always come out of it. I turn off the news, pay a little less attention to the Internet, and I start to remember, hey – this is a pretty great place.

Yesterday was one of the good days:

In my in-tray today was a simple email from my immigration lawyer with the content line saying simply “Congrats.” I am still a little numb, reeling, unable to really think much, rapidly dialing my family and friends, listening to my husband open the letter over the phone and reading the words “Welcome to the United States.” The “green card” was approved…

As one of the many, many people who “take[s] this amazing mess of a country for granted“, I’m happy to be reminded by Andrew that it really is a great place to be. I’d be lying that if I said I didn’t have a tear in my eye as I read his post. I’ve never met Andrew, but I’m thrilled for him, and happy to be reminded that, on the whole, this country does seem to bend towards things getting better.

Now, back to the policy grind.

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