• The President's Health Care Reform Proposal

    It’s up.  And since, many other people have summarized it, I won’t.

    But here are my thoughts, in no particular order:

    • It’s a compromise between the House and Senate plans.  Since I’d take the Senate plan at this point (and like the House better), that’s fine with me.
    • There’s no public option – which, as I’ve argued before, doesn’t really matter since the public option left on the table is meaningless.
    • I’m not sure if the exchange is national – this will need clarification.
    • There’s a whole host of Republican anti-fraud stuff in there.  Expect the White House to hammer that as “bipartisan”.
    • The subsidies are larger, the costs to individuals are smaller.
    • The individual mandate seems lessened, but there is more of an employer focus.
    • It makes Medicaid more federally focused and removes the preferred state stuff (like Nebraska).
    • It’s going to cost more.  In the context of total health care spending, however, the amount is trifling.

    Pass it.  Then let’s get to work on making it better.