Let’s Do Lunch

Below is the silly post I promised on Friday, the one that signifies that my switch to a new website host account has worked. By the way, if you notice anything unusual about the site, please let me know. It is possible not everything is configured correctly yet.

Many people have a list, if only in their heads, of famous people they’d like to meet. The difference between yours and mine is I’m going to post part of mine, right here, just for fun (really).

Below is a list of some of the people I’d like to meet for lunch. Dinner works too. Who am I kidding? Breakfast would suffice. Fine, I’ll take a phone call. A tweet? Anyway, I think I’d learn something and have a good time. And that’s enough for me. My only requirement is they pretend to enjoy my company for an hour (two if it is genuine). I’ll pay.

Here’s part of the list. I won’t bore you with the rest. Other than Stephen Colbert being my preferred lunch companion it is not in order of preference, as if that matters:

  • Stephen Colbert
  • Michael Pollan
  • John Lithgow
  • Richard Feynman (I permit dead people, so long as they don’t act that way)
  • Nate Silver

But I doubt I’ll ever share a meal, let alone meet these folks. They’re far too busy (or dead) for the likes of me. Plus I’ve made the mistake of being available by e-mail (except to Feynman–his e-mails freak me out).

Also, if Stephen Colbert is wondering–and I’m certain he is not–I would accept but do not seek to be on his show. I could fill in for Obama, for example. But, really, lunch is enough. I wouldn’t make a good interview guest anyway. I’m only funny to children, animals, and the hard of hearing. Plus, I don’t have a book to discuss. I did write a PhD thesis, but if Colbert wants to discuss that he’s in the wrong business. Anyway, if we did lunch we could talk about all these things. See how rich an experience this could be for us?!?!

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