Thank you, CBO!

What Megan McArdle said:

I would like to point out that there is one group that is especially deserving of a holiday:  the CBO analysts who have been scoring this bill.  They’ve been working flat out literally all year, and by this point, they have long ago exhausted any reserves of energy they might once have had.  They’ve been doing this because we wanted to have some sort of reasonable model of how much this was all going to cost, and what it was going to do–and whatever my arguments with the CBO model, they have fulfilled their mandate superbly.  In return they get modest government salaries, and absolutely no recognition by anyone except the three people who might recognize a CBO analyst on the street.

So in the spirit of harmony with our fellow men that ought to fill this holiday season, let’s offer a very special thank you, and a huge “Happy Holidays!” to the Doug Elmendorf and team at the CBO.  I don’t know what superhuman powers have allowed them to survive the last six months, but they richly deserve the praise of a grateful nation.

Unfortunately, one budget geek of a blogger is all they’re likely to get.  It’s not enough, and indeed, it’s doubtful that anyone at the CBO will see it.  But I’m afraid it’s the best I can do.

I’m reprinting this in its entirety, becuase it should not just be one blogger thanking the CBO;  I thank them, too.  Everyone should.

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