• Single payer resources

    By tweet, I was asked where to find estimates of the cost of a single payer health system. I turned to Aaron and Don who sent the following links. I’ve read none of this and, therefore, do not offer them with any endorsement. I think what the original questioner wanted to know was how much would single payer cost over a 10 year budget window today. These links may or may not address that.

    If you are aware of anything else relevant, please share in the comments.

    UPDATES: Adding to the list.

    • There is another question that should be asked: what would be the administrative costs of a highly regulated private, or public-private, universal insurance system?

      I’ve seen international comparisons showing that the Netherlands and Switzerland, for example, have insurance administration costs of about 5% of premium. This is very similar to single payer nations. I thought the Commonwealth Fund did a report on this in the last two years, but couldn’t find the right one.

    • I tried to reach Austin through the “contact form” link, but it does not take you to the form, but to a frustrating reply telling you to keep searching. What I would like is some references on the cost saving benefits of single payer.

      • I just tested the contact form link in the left-hand sidebar (mail icon next to my name) and it seems fine. From what page are you trying to get to it? What browser are you using?

        Why aren’t the links in this post sufficient?

        • Thank you, I figured out how to email you directly. The links for the most part contain artcles about the total costs of single payer. I am looking for a discussion of, in addition to the major savings in administration, how does single payer provide better cost containment than other payer models. I understand that global budgeting is one of the mechanisms, but I am not clear on how thay would operate.