See me at the ECRI conference. It’s free!

I’ll be joining a session at the ECRI conference, which is being held on November 28-29 at Georgetown University (Location details and free registration at the conference page).

This conference is intended to enhance the national dialog on practice efficiency and institutional culture and its effects on care. My session will explore the important questions related to veterans health care, such as:

  • How is the military’s historic reliance on standardization as an efficient way to achieve ends, especially in complex situations such as warfare, adapted to care for veterans, especially those with complex conditions resulting from physical and mental trauma?
  • Does standardization lead to inefficient workflow with increased work burden and workarounds if the system is too rigid and how has the Veterans Health Administration taken a lead on this issue as the largest health system in the nation?
  • How are workflows impacted by interfaces in the Veterans Choice program which expands the need for coordination between the VA and civilian healthcare system?

I’ll be joined by the moderator Carolyn M. Clancy, MD, Deputy Under Secretary for Health for Organizational Excellence, Veterans Health Administration and fellow panelists Stephan D. Fihn, MD, MPH, FACP, FAHA , Director, Clinical System Development and Evaluation, Veterans Health Administration and Neil C. Evans, MD, Chief Officer, Office of Connected Care, Veterans Health Administration.

Lots of other great speakers at other sessions too.


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