Reflex: September 1, 2011

The CDC has released the National Vital Statistics Report on the leading causes of death for 2007Table 1 is really worth your time, and has the info you really want to see. Aaron’s Comment Accidents are still the number one cause of death  of children in every age group. Homicides and suicides remain major players as well. In an earlier post I discussed why pediatricians talk about guns.

Huntsman proposes tax plan without an employer-based health care deduction, reports Julian Pecquet (The Hill): “Republican presidential candidate and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman on Wednesday announced a tax-reform plan that would unravel the nation’s system of employer-sponsored health insurance.” Austin’s comment: It has become cliche that removal of the preferred tax treatment of employer-sponsored health insurance is supported by virtually every policy wonk and economist. However, it would be wise to have exchanges and subsidies in place before this tax change is made. 

Huntsman urges stripping all deductions from tax code, writes Ashley Parker in the NY Times. Huntsman proposes three marginal tax rates: 8, 14 and 23 percent (and 26 percent for the corporate tax). Don’s comment: This mirrors the first of three options for tax reform provided by the President’s Fiscal Commission proposal (see page 29, figure 6, row 3).

(H/t: Ezra Klein)

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