One last post on Ryan-Wyden before I go

I have to run to clinic, but I have one last thing to say on Ryan-Wyden before I go. I’ve often argued that health care policy, and reform, have to be concerned about cost, quality, and access.

I don’t see anyone arguing that this policy is going to improve the quality of health care. And, let’s face it, seniors don’t have an access problem in terms of health care coverage. So the only reason to do this is if it’s going to reduce costs. So will it?

I’m not seeing a lot of people who think it will. Indeed, as many have pointed out, if this kind of reform would, then the ACA should lower costs dramatically. Few people seem to believe that will happen because of competition.

If Ryan-Wyden isn’t going to reduce costs, and by that I mean bend the curve, then why are we considering it? I’m seriously asking.

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