• On The Record (with daily recap)

    Today in TIE: Austin with new estimates of savings from competitive bidding, Don adds one more thing on the Seniors’ Choice Act, Aaron points out that the “everyone can get care in an ER meme” is false, and Kevin enlightens us on “the heckler’s veto”.

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    • One request from the walking encyclopedias of the ACA. Rick Santorum on Sunday was attacking “Obamacare” for mandating insurers to cover free prenatal care, which he says is being done to increase abortions. has the quote.

      My question: is amniocentesis even covered under the new law? http://www.healthcare.gov/news/factsheets/2010/07/preventive-services-list.html#CoveredPreventiveServicesforWomenIncludingPregnantWomen makes it appear that the only mandated coverage for pregnant women is for screening for gestational diabetes.

      Am I missing something here? I had expected that the news media, having had 48 hours to fact check this, would be coming forth with something about it being factually wrong, unless there is some provision for mandatory amniocentesis coverage that I cannot find on that website. I would expect some reaction from the Obama campaign as well, if the ACA does not even cover the procedure in the first place.

      I think I cannot be the only person who reads this website who would be interested in some accurate information here. Please advise if you can.