• More on Chrome and PDFs: a very helpful comment

    From “b“:

    Turns out that if the pdf is embedded in a frame you can’t save it directly. What I’ve been doing is right-clicking, then opening the frame in a new screen, then saving that screen.

    That’s a nice alternative to disabling Chrome’s reader. I’ll go with b’s solution for now. However, if I still find features lacking, I’ll disable. I didn’t have any major problems with Adobe. Still, Google could have implemented this change better.

    • Another very useful trick is to create a bookmarklet (i.e. a bookmark that resides in the Bookmarks Bar at the top of your Chrome browser) with the following url:


      If you click the resulting bookmarklet button just before you click on a link to a pdf, that pdf will open in Google Document’s pdf reader, like this: http://bit.ly/eDkZzX

      (that one has an unusual delay in loading, due to size, I imagine.)

    • WordPress’s comments formatting mucked up the url I posted. So copying it and pasting it won’t work. Go here to find the url you need for this little trick: