John McDonough has a blog!

Even though it (a) doesn’t have a functioning RSS feed and (b) requires registration for full access, I will still give McDonough credit for having a blog. Bonus points for a tasty title, Health Stew. This is very exciting news. (If you don’t know why, see these posts.)

In reading the two posts available as of mid-day today, it is clear McDonough can produce excellent, wonky, data-driven content. My first request of McDonough, after asking for a full text RSS feed, is for him to unpack some of the content in his out-of-print book on the history of all-payer rate setting.

I am not above begging, especially for the RSS feed. Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please. (Actually, by email, McDonough tells me they are working on a technical problem.)

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