Full Feed Please

I keep trying to convince bloggers and their site administrators to provide full text RSS feeds (a full feed) rather than a brief intro with a link to the full article. Bloggers and their host organizations that really want their material to circulate, be read, and cited by other bloggers should provide the full feed. It isn’t even clear that site traffic increases by providing a partial feed (see Felix Salmon’s post to which I link in the list below).

The NY Times provides partial feeds of their blogs (Krugman, Economix, etc.). Boo! But some important bloggers at other organizations (Ezra Klein at the Washington Post, Jon Cohn at The New Republic, among others) provide full feeds. Yay!

Below is a list of prominent bloggers and journalists who have signaled their support full feeds by posting on the topic. I’ll add to this list as I become aware of others. Please send posts my way if you find any.

UPDATE: Readers need not suffer with partial feeds. You can turn a partial feed into a full feed here. That this is possible further demonstrates the futility of partial feeds. They do little more than irritate.

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