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As he just announced, Don Taylor is moving on. While he won’t be blogging at TIE, you can keep following him, as we will. See his farewell post for details.

In his year with TIE, Don’s has made important contributions, particularly in the areas of long term and palliative care, smoking policy and economics, and budget analysis. All his TIE posts are at this link and will remain on TIE for archival purposes, though Don is migrating copies to his blog too.

Though Don is exiting the nuclear TIE family, he will remain a part of its extended one. We look forward to following him in his new endeavors!

PS: The reading list is expected to return next week.

[Ed: I just wanted to add my two cents. The beauty of the Internet is that Don is no further away from me now than he was yesterday. I look forward to continuing to enjoy his presence in the blogosphere! – Aaron]


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