Don Taylor is leaving TIE

This is my last post at TIE. I am restarting my individual blog freeforall or Here is an RSS feed for all the posts The twitter account @DonTaylorFFA is a bot that will only send out posts from my blog, and/or you can follow me on twitter @donaldhtaylorjr

The tag line of freeforall  is “health policy and budget wonkery and the politics of where they meet” which should sound familiar if you have been reading along; I also pay special attention to end of life and long term care issues. One new thing I plan to do at freeforall is to write about North Carolina as a crucial battleground state in the upcoming election, which it was in 2008 for the first time in several decades. I have lived 40 of my 44  years in N.C. and have always paid great attention to politics in my state, which could well decide the Presidential election this year.

A year ago tomorrow I joined TIE, and did so as Austin, Aaron and I were seeking to obtain resources to make blogging a more “official” part of our jobs/lives. We managed to do that, but the initial arrangement has ended. Getting paid to blog definitely goes down in the ‘be careful what you pray for you might get it’ category for me, because the pace of blogging since Labor Day has been exhausting, and in some ways took the fun out of it. Many have already noticed that we have down-shifted a bit and each of us has been re-evaluating blogging on the back side of our past funding arrangement. Given these changes, it made sense on a variety of levels for me to go back to blogging alone. Though my work will likely appear in a few other places, this RSS feed should have all of my blogging.

Blogging at TIE was a great experience for me and I learned a great deal from, and greatly admire my co-bloggers.

  • Austin has a keen eye for detail and has shown a singular focus that has enabled TIE to be known for focusing on the evidence. TIE has a special place in the blogosphere amidst all the noise and Austin is ultimately responsible for this success
  • Aaron brings great energy, passion and advocacy to blogging, but is capable of seeing evidence that proves him to be wrong, publicly saying so, and changing his mind. This is rare
  • Kevin may be the best  health policy law blogger in the U.S. on a word for word basis and can sort through the chaff for the wheat in health law like no other
  • Harold brings a generosity of spirit and granting people the benefit of the doubt without giving up his principles or shying from the debate. I wish all of us did this so well

Thanks guys, and thanks to readers for comments, interaction and exchange.


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