Help me learn new skills in 2017 – the schedule!

After my post asking for your recommendations for skills I should learn in 2017, I got a lot of great responses. If I didn’t choose yours, it’s likely because I already felt like I knew something about the subject, it involved a partner, or because I liked something else just a little bit more. There’s always 2018.

In contrast to last year, I’m going to dedicate two months to each of these. I’m also going to try more video education, instead of always relying on books. I imagine some of these will result in projects. Before each topic begins, I’ll ask all of you for recommendations for sources. I’m already behind in January, so let’s go!

  1. January/February – Meditation. I’ve tried before, but for these two months, I’m really going to commit. I’m going to use Headspace, unless someone offers something better.
  2. March/April – Knitting. Lots of good Youtube suggestions.
  3. May/June – Drawing. I look forward to suggestions on teaching tools for this!
  4. July/August – Hebrew. I’ll probably use Rosetta Stone, unless someone offers something better. Or convinces me to learn a different language.
  5. September/October – Cooking. My wife is gonna be happy about this one.
  6. November/December – Electronics. I’m debating using either Arduino or Pi. Maybe both. We’ll see.

Of course, I reserve the right to change these. But I’m looking forward to all of them. As with last year, I will write posts at the end of each two-month period discussing what I’ve learned. Meditation starts today!


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