Hate partial RSS feeds? Suffer no more!

There’s no reason to suffer with partial RSS feeds in your reader. You can convert them to full feeds here. I’ve just done a bunch, and it seems to work just fine. Maybe there will be some delay in feeds, but that’s worth it. I was missing loads of blogospheric content that was delivered only via partial feed, particularly if I was reading on my phone. Those days are over.

And, to bloggers who think partial feeds are helping you, you’re wrong. You’re doing little more than decreasing links to your site, limiting the dissemination of your work, and irritating readers.

UPDATE: In the first paragraph above, I link to fulltextrssfeed.com. I’m simultaneously experimenting with fivefilters.org, which claims to do the same thing. If either work, the delay is long. I’m still waiting for Krugman’s blog post of over 7 hours ago to come through. This is rather disappointing.

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