Full repeal is not popular

I don’t pay that much attention to polls. But when the rhetoric of some is so widely out of line with the results of credible polls … well, let’s just say I believe the data. Don Taylor has the concise summary of the latest NY Times/CBS News poll and others:

48% say the law should stand as is, with 40% saying it should be repealed. They then asked those saying they wanted repeal if they favored repeal of the entire bill or parts of it, and about 20% wanted full repeal, 18% repeal of parts of it, with 2% saying they were not sure. […]

There are 5 or 6 polls out this week and the confidence interval on what percent want repeal of some or all of it (the two combined) is 37% to 50%, with those wanting total repeal clustering around 20%. Hopefully the Republicans in the House will move on with some modifications that could improve the law, especially in addressing health care costs. (Emphasis mine.)

Democrats shouldn’t worry about this issue. Republicans might want to reconsider continuing to push it.

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