• Even more solar panels

    Did anybody notice something funny about my new photovoltaic system? Well I did. I noticed that it could have been bigger. There was room for four more panels. (My bad for not noticing that on the design plan.)

    So, I contacted the installers and they worked with the other entities involved and, presto, four more panels were installed today, a more than 20% increase from before. All this at no cost to me. The financing company gets more renewable energy credits, and I get more cheap power. They also, by the way, have all the liability of maintaining the system, and they guarantee output. It’s a win-win. Oh, yeah, and there’s that carbon offset thing too.  You’ll thank me later.

    more solar

    If you’re interested in residential solar, contact me anytime for a referral. You and I will get a discount if you do.


    • While I don’t know the details, this strikes me as tax farming — something that is only worth doing because of the tax credits, not because it makes economic sense on its own.

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