• My new solar panels

    Admittedly, it’s not much to look at, but this new, modest array of solar panels atop my house will generate about half my home’s electricity. Sunrun made the process very easy and affordable. If you’re interested in contacting them, do me a favor and contact me first so I can refer you. You guessed it, I get a little bit off my bill for referrals that turn into installations. Actually, you get a break too if you establish a relationship with Sunrun through a referral, so you have nothing to lose. You’ll have to trust me, I’d recommend them even without these benefits.



    • Congrats on getting Solar PV panels installed in your house, Austin. I wish I could take up your offer but alas I live in the midwest. Plus I already got PV panels installed in our house in fall 2012. 🙂

    • In fact, we too got 18 panels. With a tweaked heating strategy my hope is they will cover our entire electricity needs. Just the two of us though. Go SOLAR!

    • @AG — I also live in the midwest. If you’re happy with the folks who did your panels, can you tell me who it was?

    • Any insight on the financial details for the transaction? Was this an altruistic decision, or would you endorse it on pure investment grounds?

      • I expect to save hundreds (not thousands) per year on electricity cost. My up-front expenditure will be recouped within two years, shorter if referrals lead to installations. To be honest, I was a bit underwhelmed by this level of savings. That the energy is clean tipped the scales. I had to ask myself, “Why the hell not?”

    • Ours got delayed, but should go on in a couple months if the weather allows.


    • We investigated Solar, mostly through Solarize Melrose. But our house gets too much shade so we’re not eligible. Maybe if we move in a few years.

      • It’s too bad one can’t rent space in a more solar-friendly location. Imagine if a municipality set aside sunny space in some field for residents to put up panels from which they benefit …

        • What a neat idea! I own about an acre of land under some high tension power lines in rural central Pa. No towers on my property, just the overhead lines that prevent me from erecting any kind of structure. I use a part of it for my garden and have toyed with the idea of opening up the remainder of the property as a community garden. But, I really like the idea of a small community solar panel farm. I will definitely check it out with a local provider.

    • The advent for obtaining clean and sustainable source energy is still in progress. Several countries are investing millions and even billions of dollars for the development of such source of energy. Solar power is one of the most popular sources of renewable energy. People may tap the assistance of solar companies to install solar panels in their rooftop. This is a common trend nowadays to lessen the burden in the payment of electric bills.

      I would like to congratulate Austin Frakt for the successful installation of solar panel in his rooftop. He is one of the guys out there who helps promote clean and renewable source of energy. Solar panels which supply half of the home’s electricity offers a great savings. This also helps in minimizing the carbon emission in a little way. Thanks to Sunrun in helping Frakt to acquire and install the solar panels. Sunrun is believed to be the nation’s # 1 home solar company due to their reliability and affordability in the services they offered. We hope that there will be more people out there like Frakt who patronize the use of solar energy as a source of electricity in their home.