Answering your podcast questions

Releasing a podcast on a Friday night probably guaranteed the weakest possible reaction. Yet, I’m encouraged by how many have commented, emailed, and tweeted to offer suggestions and to thank us for our efforts. There will be more.

Here are answers to three questions that have arisen so far:

  1. When will podcasts post? Our intention is to do one per week, recording on Fridays. Each will not be more than 15-20 minutes so this alone is not a heavy lift. There is some post-recording editing that Aaron does. If he can accomplish that by Friday evening, that’s when they’ll post. Otherwise, expect them by Monday, baring any unusual circumstances.
  2. What’s your intended audience? We’ve received some very good advice to the effect that if we intend to reach a less wonky audience, we have to do more work building narratives, telling stories. A good model would be Planet Money. That, however, takes a lot more time and effort than we’re likely to be able to devote. My guess is that the podcasts will tend more toward the “by wonks, for wonks” variety. EconTalk is a good model of this genre. Still, we will try to make things accessible. We really do want you to understand what we’re saying! Also, we will respond to requests so if we get into something of interest but over your head, just tell us and we’ll consider taking another crack at explaining the background, either by podcast or in a post.
  3. What are other good podcasts? I listen to many podcasts. Here are some of my favorites:

You’ll notice that not a single one of these is devoted to health or health policy. Isn’t that amazing, considering their importance to our lives and to our economy and future? Am I missing any good podcasts? Please let me know.

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