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The Incidental Economist podcast  is a weekly discussion about health research and policy, co-hosted by Aaron Carroll and Austin Frakt. Podcasts post to the blog sometime between Friday afternoon and Monday. If you wish to subscribe to podcasts separately from the blog feed, click here.

For each entry in the episode list below, the “post” link will take you to the blog post that includes the podcast. There you’ll find links to other information related to the podcast. If you just want to play or download the podcast, you’ll find links below to do those too.

Prior Episodes

2011-12-09: Electronic medical records

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2011-11-11: Competitive bidding 

[post | play (23:24) | download (right-click for mp3)]

2011-10-14: Prostate cancer testing and treatment

[post | play (20:08) | download (right-click for mp3)]

2011-10-07: The individual mandate

[post | play (22:48) | download (right-click for mp3)]

2011-09-30: How health services research is funded

[post | play (22:38) | download (right-click for mp3)]

2011-09-23: Cost shifting

[post | play (17:00) | download (right-click for mp3)]

2011-09-16: Private vs. public health care cost control

[post | play (21:19) | download (right-click for mp3)]

2011-09-09: What it takes to become a physician

[post | play (30:27) | download (right-click for mp3)]

2011-09-02: Political feasibility and single payer

[post play (19:11) | download (right-click for mp3)]

2011-08-26: Increasing the Medicare eligibility age

[post | play (20:10) | download (right-click for mp3)]

2011-08-19: The legacy of Paul Meier: Randomized trials and survival analysis

[post | play (19:44) | download (right-click for mp3)]

2011-08-12: Thoughts on health care quality

[post | play (22:10) | download (right-click for mp3)]

2011-08-05: All-payer rate setting

[post | play (19:41) | download (right-click for mp3)]


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