• Thoughts on quality [podcast]

    As I said last week, Austin and I are still working out the kinks. I think some of the tech issues are being resolved, but we’re still working on the flow. We appreciate the feedback we’ve received and welcome more.

    This week, we’ve had a number of posts on quality. They always seem to stir up a lot of strong feelings, so we thought we’d delve more deeply into the subject in the podcast. Most of the links we refer to can be found here.

    The feed for the podcasts alone is here. Or, if you’d rather, you can find it on iTunes here. iTunes will lag a day behind on posts, however.


    • Very enjoyable – you guys could guest host for Car Talk. I was pleasantly surprised how much interesting information you got across in a few minutes. Congrats

    • Great job! the conversation carried along very well.

    • want to improve quality? and costs? get rid of the insurance companies.

      and yes, we DO need more doctors [and other infrastructure]! thank you for saying this. also, more house calls = good, and this is something you can do if you have more doctors.

      on the intersection between infrastructure and insurance companies, you can get by with fewer doctors [japan, england, even canada come to mind], if you ditch the insane insurance structure we currently have.

      want lower costs? pay lower prices: lower physician incomes [especially specialists], lower drug prices, lower hospital ceo pay, …

      i [heart] podcasts, please do more!

    • Great podcast. I really enjoyed your discussion and the preceding posts on quality. I would be curious to hear your thoughts on why the quality of healthcare in the US has lagged behind other industrialized nations. Is it the lack of PCPs and office visits? Is it the fragmentation of the system? The lack of a EHR?