You had me at “Triple Double”

Are you like me? Do you look at an Oreo and say, sure, it’s a classic, but couldn’t there be more? I mean there’s been the Double-Stuff, the Mint Oreos, even the chocolate covered Oreos, but those are old news.  And so small. Can’t they find a way to get more crap in an Oreo?

Sure they can.  Here it is, the Triple Double Oreo:

Nabisco’s official statement: “This summer, Oreo will introduce a new ‘twist’ on the iconic cookie: the Triple Double Oreo. Three chocolate Oreo wafers with two layers of creme — one classic vanilla, and one chocolate. While we tried our best to safeguard this news, we couldn’t hold back the buzz.”

I can honestly say that I have never, ever, heard anyone complain about an Oreo. That evidently didn’t stop Nabisco from bringing it to new levels of gluttony.

That is, until they deep-fry it and sell it at the Indiana State Fair. And – yes – I will eat it then. For those of you who keep track, the fair is in August, and you can be sure I’ll be reporting about it again this year.

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