You can eat totally healthy at Chipotle

The Upshot has a great* (and I assume crazy popular) post up today on how easy it is to blow a ton of calories at Chipotle. That’a s good message for some people to hear.

But it’s not the only message they should hear. You can totally enjoy Chipotle for very few calories. In fact, it’s one of our go-to weekend lunch destinations since I’m on a diet. Today is day 37 of my P90X3 journey, and I’m accompanying that with a calorie restricted diet with the help of

Here is what I get. It’s my actual order:

Aaron's Chiptole

It’s a Chipotle salad, with carnitas, black beans, tomatoes, and salsa. I could add in some rice, but I usually forego it. I will also dump some hot sauce on this, since that slows me down and helps me to feel full. But I swear to you, this is completely satisfying and quite tasty. It’s also only 390 calories, mostly due to the protein.

According to the Upshot piece, very few people choose this route. I don’t know why. It’s totally great. You get plenty of food! I heartily recommend it.


*I should also note that I am a little disappointed that the Upshot pushed the fact that Chipotle is “bad” in terms of sodium, pushing recommendations that “another” Upshot piece showed were not really based on evidence. 🙂


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