Yes, I am a huge Anne of Green Gables fan

It’s not a terribly well-kept secret, but I am a HUGE Anne Green Gables fan. I have all the books, including the Rainbow Valley and Rilla ones. I own all the movies. Anne-from-the-first-movie is the screen saver on my work computer.

When I was a kid, I’d get the VHS tapes on loan from the library, and watch them over and over and over again. If it was on PBS (usually during a pledge drive), I’d watch it then, too. I had a huge crush on Megan Follows.

My brother (also a fan) and I used to quiz each other on the most obscure Anne of Green Gables trivia. Sample question: “What embarrassing occurrence happened when Gilbert was offering his teaching slot to Anne at the end of the first movie?”* We did this obsessively on chairlifts while skiing. For years.

Recently, my daughter started reading the series. It’s the first book she truly seems to love. It’s made my year. I can’t wait until she’s done so we can watch the movie together, too.

I bring this up, because the Google Doodle today is animated scenes from the book. The one of Anne and Dianna Barry lying in the grass writing and reading together made me cry. I don’t know why. So did the one of her and Dianna running across the bridge, followed by Gilbert rescuing Anne in his boat.

Anyway, go check out the doodle. Read the books. Watch the movies.** And never, ever, call her “Ann”.


*The answer is: He bites an apple, and juice sprays everywhere.

**I’m not as big a fan of the third movie. Nothing is perfect.

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