I figured we all could use a swig or two of this today. Unfortunately, it’s a very limited edition:

In case you have difficulty reading the labels, here’s the text:

Wonkjuice: A politically improbable blend of technocratic solutions.

Wonkjuice is a subsidiary of The Incidental Economist. Boston, MA.

Wonkjuice is carefully crafted to provide the essential facts and sensible policy ideas that your brain loses through normal attention to today’s political environment. Studies show that with as few as three hours of exposure to political rhetoric, your brain is nearly 30% less likely to be able to distinguish “The Path to Prosperity” from “Winning the Future.” This blend of a rational number of transparently-filtered, sunshine-disinfected fruits of reason will restore your brain to the state the founders intended.

Caution: Wonkjuice is not intended as a substitute for a supermajority.


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