• With apologies, I quit

    I quit. … (I’m waiting to see if you are getting worried.) …

    No, not my job. And, no, not blogging. (Relieved? I hope so.)

    I quit reading every word of and responding to every comment. The volume has gotten too high for me. (Folks may not realize that comments pour in on past posts, of which there are over 900.) I’ll try to sample. If I see something particularly thought provoking or reflective of common but incorrect thinking I might comment on it or relate to it in a post. Generally I won’t.

    I’m hoping folks will use the comments to exchange thoughts with each other, and not just with me. I will still enforce the comments policy as best I can.

    This is just me. Aaron and others who may post here in the future may read or not read, respond or not respond to comments as they please.

    • The problem is that words are cheap because, for them, supply always exceeds demand. You somehow have to devise an ingenious way of taxing the words so commenters (like myself) internalize the costs imposed on you and therefore limit the supply. Good luck! (P.S. no comment is expected).

    • I never expect a response unless you want to make one. Just keep doing what you are doing.

      @Rex- A Pigovian tax on blog comments? A solution to the debt crisis?


    • Steve, good point …imagine what might happen if we could tax what comes out of the mouths of politiicans. Wow!.

    • @Rex. LOL. We use forced hot air heaters on our anesthetized patients to keep them warm while anesthetized. I tell the patients we get the hot air from DC since they have such a large excess supply.