Hula Hoop

My little girl just asked me to watch her hula hoop.  I said ok, laying down on the floor, barely paying attention.  Then she proceeded to work that hoop for minutes at a time.

I have no idea how to hula hoop.  Neither does my wife.  She just picked it up and figured it out; she mastered it.

This is one of those moments when I realize I’ve made actual people here.  People who not only learn what I show them, but go out and do things I can’t.  They will have friends I don’t pick for them, conversations that don’t involve me, and interests I know nothing about.  They are more than just my children.

It’s humbling, and even a little bit scary.

Now my younger son it trying that hula hoop; he’s much better than I would have predicted.  I wonder if I can do it, too.

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