Will Massachusetts’ New Dental Insurance Law Benefit Patients?

In 2022, 70% of Massachusetts voters supported a ballot question to make dental insurance coverage more transparent and more focused on the patient. Now that the law is enacted (as of January 1, 2024), most voters have forgotten what the details of the law are and how it is supposed to help. Will the dental insurance law save patients money at the dentist’s office, or will insurers increase costs to comply with the new legislation? I have a new piece looking at these questions in the Worcester Telegram and Gazette:

The new Massachusetts dental insurance reform law will likely have wide-ranging consequences for dental health care in the commonwealth. While supporters claim it will provide higher-quality care with greater affordability and access for patients, opponents worry it will hike prices for patients and discourage insurers from providing coverage in the state.

Read the whole piece here.

Research for this article was supported by Arnold Ventures.

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